The Wayde Van Niekerk Sponsorship

A South African Human Experience

When T-Systems started talking about the advent of the digitalisation wave we positioned how we could see the digital future and it being human. In line with that as we talk about digital transformation in an increasingly digitalised world of Cloud, Mobile, Big Data and IP connected machines and devices, we understand that in effect every technology, every solution and every connected device serves to enhance a human experience. In all applications of technology (Health, Digital Business, Automotive and Manufacturing, Smart Cities and Retail) the ultimate objective is to improve human interactions such that they are more productive and efficient in the work place or better connected to each other and to products and services in their personal lives.

Wayde van Niekerk represents that Human face of the work that we do, as an Athlete his endeavors and his performance is very tangible as a truly human feat that in itself is also enabled and impacted by digital transformation all the time. Coupled with that is the strong South African context that he brings.


Wayde studies, trains and lives in South Africa, and yet he is able to compete and achieve global success. T Systems South Africa is part of a global Multinational that is however deeply rooted in South Africa.

Dealing with Fine Margins

Athletics is a sport of fine margins, Wayde’s performance is measured in 100ths and even 1000ths of seconds, which often mean the difference between winning and not. As a company that is responsible for monitoring and maintaining large complex ICT environments we also understand how to work with precision and to deal with fine margins. In an SLA environment for example, there is a significant difference between achieving 98% SLA and 95% SLA. In addition, while Wayde competes with other athletes on the track, he has to also challenge himself to improve his personal times. As T-Systems, we also compete not only with our competitors in the market, but with ourselves too as we strive to improve our own performance in areas such as customer loyalty and staff satisfaction.

Perseverance, Resilience and Ultimately Disruption

Wayde has had to work hard, remain disciplined and apply his passion over many years to achieve success. Numerous obstacles and hurdles along his journey required him to be resilient and to persevere. As systems we have also had to weather the storm and remain focused over many years in pursuit of our goals. It is not by coincidence that we see ourselves as the leading enablers of digital transformation, after 10 years in the cloud business and modernisation, transforming over 15000 applications, we are in the position where we can challenge the accepted industry rules and engage the market as a truly disruptive force. Wayde himself has been truly disruptive, not many people would have expected a 23 old sprinter from Bloemfontein to be the 400m world champion.

Core Values Cohesion

Wayde identifies with a set of core values which also resonate very strongly with T-Systems as an organisation. He has a desire to do more work to support and enable other young South Africans to utilise their talents in order to achieve their dreams. T-Systems South Africa has long supported a number of initiatives as part of it’s nation building focus and will be supporting Wayde to establish and make a success of his own foundation – The Wayde van Niekerk Foundation.

Wayde places a lot of emphasis on maintaining 4 core aspects of his life, his spirituality, his physical health, his mental health as well as his connection to his family and his community. These values tie in very closely to T Systems own value system which is about a high performance organisation built around a team of well rounded individuals with a strong sense of family and community.