The vision of smart cities in South Africa goes further than just applying technology in inventive ways – it’s about meaningful transformation that dramatically improves the quality of life for all urban residents. T-Systems has taken the early lead in developing and trialling a number of Smart City solutions.

Creating intelligent systems that improve the lives of all urban residents

If current trends continue, 80% of our population will be urbanised by 2050. Creating world- class services in every metro requires collaboration between government, citizens and the private sector – with technology as the lynchpin. Smart cities will be the urban ecosystems in which we live and work, where advanced technology helps deliver basic services (like water, electricity and sanitation), as well as services in healthcare, public transport, traffic management, security and surveillance, education, energy-efficient buildings, and new payment systems. T-Systems has taken the early lead in developing and trialling a number of Smart City solutions.


Smart Citizen



Smart Citizen uses the singular most ubiquitous piece of technology that most citizens have – a smartphone, to connect people with their City and the City to its’ people to help improve the environment, service levels and customer satisfaction.


Smart Citizen comprises of four components: Citizen Engagement, City Control, Field Agent and Smart Citizen Integration. Click on to learn more.

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Smart Metering 

Our smart metering platform has been designed to address the energy shortages that threaten to stifle the development of our cities and our economy at large. Smart metering minimises power outages by enacting load balancing and load-limiting, enabling variable pricing for different times of the day, detecting power losses in electricity networks, and raising the visibility of energy usage within households. Our technologies not only enable the efficient management of public services, but create opportunities for two-way participation between citizens and local government – which is the key to realising the smart city vision.

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