At it’s core, Un-Outsourcer represents the adoption of a new  philosophy on the part of T-Systems which challenges the established rules by transferring risk from the customer to the service provider, through a change in the mechanisms by which customers procure, implement and manage ICT products and services. It is also linked to a more general brand promise on the part of T-Systems to do things better, smarter and with greater simplicity. This is embodied  through the brand expression “Un-Matched Quality”.

Our Un-Outsourcer Launch Offerings:

The majority of current IT outsourcing arrangements entail rigid, long-term commitments to a single provider where the majority of the risk is borne by the customer. Often, contracts entail significant penalties which prevent customers from switching to a new provider, even if they are dissatisfied with their current services. In contrast, T-Systems’ Un-outsourcer offering redefines flexibility for ICT engagements. Our first un-outsourcer solution that we are taking to market is in the SAP environment. We will analyse and transition customers to our shared cloud environment for free and guarantee a minimum 20% cost reduction across the support and infrastructure stacks. Following this transition customers will then Run on Satisfaction and Quit on Incident.

Our Second Un-Outsourcer offering is based in the SharePoint Online Collaboration platform. For existing SharePoint customers we will migrate you to our SharePoint online environment at no cost following which you will run on a month to month basis in the cloud. The third un-outsourcer offering that we have introduced to the market is our document imaging, capture and integration offering. Customers have the ability to capture, extract, integrate and release documents on a per page transaction basis negating the need to acquire expensive software and hardware infrastructure to enable document centric business processes.